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Professional Courses

Oxford Elite Academy’s Professional Courses –A Road to Professional Qualifications!

Oxford Elite Academy’s bears a comprehensive and diversified portfolio, taking care of the learners’ not only academic learning requirements but also their professional qualification goals. We are proud to be a trusted institute for hundreds of professional executives and learners, committed to promote and raise standards in professional excellence across the industries.

The Oxford Elite Academy’s professional courses’ vision is for learners progressing to professional studies as well as first-class management and leadership, to help them drive up their personal and professional performance, social well-being and productivity.

Take a control of your career with our professional courses, whether you want to start your professional studies, or progress to your desired university or are already working. Oxford Elite Academy has a range of smartly selected professional courses to suit a wide range of students and help them progress through the stages as they develop their professional knowledge and skills ahead.

Professional Courses Via Online Learning

All professional courses from Oxford Elite Academy are undertaken as online professional course includes online classes.

Expert Tutors & Innovative Content

The professional courses at Oxford Elite Academy have been designed by the expert ESL instructors who have years of experience in the industry. The courses are backed by top-quality curriculum of global standards to help students keep pace with international requirements for professional qualifications. Currently, the following professional courses can be availed at Oxford Elite Academy:

  • Leadership and management
  • Human recourses
  • Digital marketing
  • Sales and Negotiation
  • Customer service
  • Public Relations
Duration of the Courses

Each of the professional courses has been allocated with a fixed period of 6 weeks to complete. The online classes will be held twice a week, with each class of 2 hours’ duration, totaling 24 hours.