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Our Franchising Partners - Together We Grow!

With successfully established roots throughout the country, Oxford Elite Academy bears massive significance by offering exclusive franchise opportunities to interested franchisees and partners. The Academy is based on the firm foundations of uncompromised values and unmatched learning culture. We believe that the need of the hour is to develop and expand the “OEA Chain” (Oxford Elite Academy Chain) in picturesque, people-friendly and multicultural city of the UK. OEA is open for franchisees and partners and is happy to invite the interested parties from all corners of the world. The most difficult part of franchising is that franchises are not able to take care of day-to-day operations which often leads to minor or major crisis, hampering the success. OEA well maintains a 360-degree view to ensure a successful trajectory of the franchise in the EFL industry.

The Strategic Expansion Plan

We are actively looking for expansion in all the zones, North, South, East and West, through collaboration and long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships with master franchisees. With a vision to go global, the sky is the limit for our future as we plan for more international ventures.

At Oxford Elite Academy we pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience of the EFL industry. This, combined with a focus on educational content and ongoing development, which delivers the perfect brand and system to establish your school.

Minimizing Costs & Maximizing Profits

OEA offers a “turnkey” solution to enter the EFL industry, without high set up costs and risks. We do not take a percentage of turnover – allowing proper budgeting and transparency with no hidden costs. Guaranteeing autonomy and flexibility, we do not require a share of your premises - we offer you a proven franchise program to start up your English school with an established and successful name behind you.