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ESL Level 5


  • Are able to write a 10-12-page research paper on a topic in their discipline
  • Can present their research to a diverse audience effectively using technology
  • Know how to research topics related to their disciplines
  • Know how to support and collaborate with peers on class and research projects
  • Can effectively use the Auraria library resources, Canvas, and other CU Denver web-based resources
  • Have practiced contacting faculty and staff for information related to their major and other aspects of academic success
  • Write essays that accurately incorporate APA style
  • Are familiar with the CU Denver buildings, resources, and student services

Course Objectives

Level 5 grammar focuses on adding precision and complexity to all grammatical structures learned, with a strong focus on prod Cuing correct grammar in writing. Reductions and advanced connectors are taught. Upon completion of this level, students will be able to produce most grammatical forms correctly in writing.​​ ​​​​​​

Writing at Level 5 emphasizes analysis through various genres (cause/effect, summary/response, rhetorical analysis, and argumentation). Stress is placed on understanding the intent and underlying meaning of an author’s work and applying the author’s ideas to other settings. Summarizing skills are expanded to include analysis of how a​nd why an author constructed a text in a certain way. Content reflects that found in academic journals, college textbooks, and peer-reviewed texts. Upon completion of this level, students will not only be able to report on academic topics, but analyze multiple facets and relationships of those topics as well.​​

Level 5 reading does not present students with new skills to learn, but hones the previously learned skills as students are presented with more complex texts. A novel or non-fiction book is used as the reading text. Supplemental texts from current journals and newspapers are covered. Much emphasis is placed on deep analysis of the text – not only what the author states, but how and why it is stated in such a way. Students respond to essay questions requiring them to critically analyze texts, make connections between texts, and draw conclusions from texts. Upon completion of this level, students will be able to critically read college texts and respond with complex thought and analysis.​​

Research Research focuses on honing students’ academic research methods and writing skills to prepare them for undergraduate or graduate research projects. Research methods include navigating libraries and databases, critically reading and synthesizing academic sources, and properly incorporating sources into writing using APA formatting. Students write an argumentative research paper, focusing on presenting and interpreting evidence, and drawing conclusions about the topic. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to engage in academic research and write an academic research paper.​ Presentation The focus of the Level 5 presentation course is the student’s final presentation of their research topic. Students present to the student body, as well as specialists, administrators, and community members. Students must give a 15-minute presentation using PowerPoint or Prezi. Arguments must show critical thought and consideration of multiple aspects of a topic. Students must also conduct primary research in the field of their research question and include the results in their presentation. This is the culminating listening & speaking project at the ESL Academy. Students must successfully pass this project in order to graduate from the Academy.