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1. Part-Time Courses

Oxford Elite Academy’s Part Time English Courses - Utilizing the Traditional On-Campus Learning in a Modern Way!

Based on its legacy as a going concern, Oxford Elite Academy firmly believes in the effectiveness of traditional on-campus scholarship even in this digital age. The proven fact that traditional classroom-based learning is still one of the most preferred learning methodologies currently for its undeniable effectiveness, Oxford Elite Academy offers full-time English Language Courses to let students capitalize on this traditional learning ecosystem. The full-time courses are particularly suitable for those students who seek on-campus, lecture-based learning and those that want to pursue education in a highly collaborative, face-to-face learning environment.

The part-time English Language Courses offered by Oxford Elite Academy seek to improve the skills and knowledge of the students regarding reading, writing, listening and speaking English language, helping them progress towards higher-level education including Bachelors, Masters and PHD courses at our partner universities across the UK and beyond. This way,  Oxford Elite Academy serves as a cornerstone for the students to access the opportunity to get enrolled in their desired universities after the successful completion of the courses.

The Part-time English Language courses are based on on-campus learning, lecture-based teaching, and communicative activities like group work, presentations, interactive sessions and practical exercises. Oxford Elite Academy provides state-of-the art campus facilities including traditional classrooms, café just outside the building, and parking. Upon completing the course, the learners will be able topractically relate with the key contents, show remarkable improvement in both written and oral language skills, and exhibit the ability to use clear and coherent language. The course has been designed particularly for non-native English speakers who want to enhance their language competencies and the ability to communicate commendably in academic and professional environments.

The supportive learning environment offered by Oxford Elite Academy is a great start of your language excellence journey.