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Oxford Elite Academy’s Academic Diploma Courses – A Smarter Route to Higher-level Studies!

Do you want to gain a formal Diploma or English language Certificate for professional or employment or for any other purpose ? The Academic Diplomas by a UK awarding Body in Paernership with Oxford Elite Academy for University Studies have been designed to give students that formal prerequisite while helping build and enhance their written and oral communication skills.

The Academic Diplomas offered at Oxford Elite Academy are popular , serving as an effective and faster transition to higher education at UK universities. The full-time courses that define our Academic diplomas are designed to provide students with the skills required to succeed at under-graduate and post-graduate levels at some of the most reputable UK universities.

The Academic diplomas grow and develop learner’s academic level , language and research skills through a collaborative learning setting and engaging content in their subject areas, helping them advance from a variety of educational backgrounds to under-graduate or post-graduate-level programs available at UK universities. Our diplomas don’t only satisfy these universities’ English language proficiency requirement but are also accepted at a number of other leading institutions across the UK.

The completion of the diplomas will help students meet the standard entry level academic requirements of accredited universities. Each student is subject to an individual assessment procedure and other particular entry requirements if any.